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KWA VM4 RONIN 10 SBR Airsoft AEG-10"

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KWA VM4 RONIN 10 SBR Airsoft AEG-10"

Switch Life Extender Included, Velocity: 390 - 430 Adjustable FPS, Magazine Cut-off Compatibility

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KWA introduces a new line of modular AEG rifles, Ronin M-Series, the first airsoft rifles to hit the market specifically designed to provide an interchangeable family of products. The Ronin M-Series will have multiple variations for specific player needs and tastes, and is engineered with KWA’s latest AEG 2.5 & AEG 3 gearboxes to combine the industry’s most reliable systems with more aggressive designs. KWA AEG 2.5/3 comes with the new Switch Life Extender. The SLE will extend the life of your trigger contacts by almost 500% by absorbing 99.9% of the back current/power surge that cause their shuttle contacts to burn out. Unlike other electrical aftermarket add-ons, the SLE doesn’t rely on complicated circuit boards or cause erratic trigger behavior.

The Ronin 10 Short Barreled Rifle features a monolithic-look in a MK18 length. All Ronin M-Series rifles come with new custom, sleek, lightweight rails capped off with aggressive lines at the very front — plus a new-look mock suppressor to cover the 10.3″ outer barrel. The sleek, lightweight aluminum rail design also helps provide comfort and stability as you adjust your FPS from 390-430 with the AEG 2.5 system (Range is adjustable with different springs!). Highlighted by a Switch Life Extender to minimize the wear and tear on trigger contacts, the AEG 2.5 provides Milsim & Field players the ultimate AEG rifle to outlast the competition. Additional new features include magazine cutoff compatibility combined with adjustable FPS for users to customize their KWA AEG rifle to their own specifications with the new VPS tool (included in every box).


  • Custom-designed, lightweight rail (new) 
  • Improved high-torque motor (new) Ambidextrous fire selector (new) 
  • Enlarged trigger guard (new) Custom mock suppressor (new) 
  • Full aluminum rail (new) 
  • Front & rear PTS® Enhanced Polymer flip-up sights 
  • Rear-wired battery compartment 
  • Switch Life Extender to prevent contact burnout 
  • Fully adjustable FPS through stock with included quick change tool 
  • 30/120rd. magazine cut off compatibility 
  • PTS® Enhanced Polymer Grip 
  • Rotary hop up 
  • One-piece upper receiver 
  • Upgraded high-speed gear set (new)

Additional Information

  • Length Retracted: 717.55m 
  • Length Extended: 800.1mm
  • Outer Barrel Length: 171.45mm
  • Inner Barrel Length: 314.32mm
  • Inner Barrel Diameter: 6.05mm
  • Magazine Capacity: 30/120 Rounds (w/cut off)
  • Weight (with mag): 6.6 lbs. 
  • Rate of Fire: 20+ 
  • Velocity: 390 min- 430 max, adjustable FPS 
  • Power Source: NiMh or Li-po/Li-Fe

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