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GG&G 1223 Front Sling Attachment for Mossberg 500

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GG&G 1223 Front Sling Attachment for Mossberg 500

GG&G-1223 front sling attachment

$ 24.99
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The GG&G Mossberg 500 Front Sling Attachment easily installs by removing the barrel and star washer, sliding the GG&G sling adapter on top of the barrel extension, reinstall the barrel and tighten the attachment screw through the new sling attachment. Besides providing a sturdy mounting position, it aids in satisfying one of the critical factors in a tactical equation, the ability to make a smooth, rapid and safe transition to your sidearm. It is designed to fit most 500 models such as the Persuader, Cruiser, Combo, and model numbers 500a, and 88.

Additional Information

  • Fit Mossberg 500 model shotguns
  • Machined from AS-35 Geneva Steel
  • Mil-spec mag phosphated matte black
  • Made in USA

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